Do Any Of My Friends Wanna Up An’ Move To Lovely Locana? Italy, Anyone? #LocanaItaly #MoveToItaly #LOrcoBuono

Locana in northern Italy, just 45km from the city of Turin, is offering people up to €9,000 to become permanent residents and help reinvigorate the community. The only stipulations are that new inhabitants have a child, a salary of at least €6,000 and be committed to staying in the area. The relocation money is paid in […]

Don Quixote

That wild eyed Toker Of Medieval mote’ Most Senior el Señor Don Quijote Emerging Triumphant From the Ceynote The victor Begraggled Yet brazen Astride the Sea dragon Having vanquished And saddled His adversary With his Oh so very Merry yet scary Predictable aplomb The bomb Of madness Winning The day Ora-le’!

His Super Hero Name Is Super-Conductor!

Avi has learned the name of his Pokémon Dragon. It’s name is Ray Quan, or something like that. So he is running around the front room, flying him, chanting the name, “Ray Quan! RayQuan! Arrrrr rrrrr Ray Quan! Arrr rrrr.” Not to be outdone, Milo, starts flying around the action figure he has at hand. […]