So toxic Anoxic A smotheror A Suffocator supreme Of plans Of visions Of fancies Of dreams Brine of Hopelessness A thick Morose soup Of emotional Slime and decay A viscous Jammer of gears And defiler Of valves Corrodor of Connections An encaser Entomber Breaker of Circuits And drowner of hope.

If This Is America…

Walls Barriers, fences, whatever you want to call them, are anathema to the idea Of the land of the free Dont fence me in comes to mind Ask the sheep, Ask the cattle, Ask the bird in a cage, Ask them how free they are? How dare you cage the eagle, The Eagle that is […]

Death, Knowing How You Will Die

I have known, or at least strongly suspected how i was going to die. It began as visions, in my youth. I remember, that the dream or vision would manifest, as short snippets showing two, distinct possibilities. These possibilities, for the most part, differed only in age, not the cause. In most cases, the cause […]


SOULS DESCENT Abysmal, deep You fall You slip But nonetheless Into the keep Blackness and light All is a blur Pelted with warm rain Off you go Into the silver night Sleep then awaken Oh God! Still down deep When will it end? Or has my soul been taken? Swirling away in pity In a […]