German Milk Noodle Soup Recipes, Sweeter Version Than Grammas Milk Noodle Soup Of My Childhood. Perhaps Hers Is More Polish?

Got to thinking about recipes, family lore and traditions, and how they can inform genealogy investigations…. Having had some epiphanies recently, thanx to dna origins suddenly explaining why my ‘German’ Gramma’s recipes and traditional foods didn’t seem like the other kids german foods… Swiss names and traditions for foods, and Swiss DNA from the Italian […]

I got dis

Little mister ant here, taking on quite a heavy load. He kinda looked like something out of a laurel and hardy movie or that poor guy in Mel Brooks High Anxiety, with that, “I got it, I got it, I got it….. I aint got it.”

Duckface, Duck Faces, And Asparagustaches! #ElAsparagustachio #GoDucks #OregonDucks #QuackHeads

Kid directed meal parameters, must be green and yellow…. so for late breakfast early lunch we got cheese smothered sausage patties and pan fried(in sausage grease) asparagus spears…. and my kids, who incidentally love asparagus, decided that mustaches were the obvious incrnation their asparagus needed. Such thoughtful kids, right? Give that asparagus purpose! El Asparagustachio!! […]