Roman Republic, 78 BCE. Was This The Time Period, The Empire, My Dela Chaumette Ancestor Came to? #BecomingDelaChaumette #Gaul #RomanGaul #genealogy #Numidia #DNA

As this what the Roman Empire looked like when my ancestor came into France? Gaul? or Spain maybe? Was he part of the former Numidian Empire? Perhaps the Mauritanian province of Rome? Is this the way things looked, as he went in service to Rome, perhaps to aid in the subjugation or administration of Gaul? […]

My 7th Great Grandfather, Jean Baptiste DeLaChaumette, The Emigre, The Traveler… Seriously, This Guy Couldn’t Sit Still! Becoming LaChaumette, A Journal

I have been thinking about my 7th great grandfather, Jean Baptiste DeLaChaumette, who was born, in France, about 1664. I have been thinking about him, as perhaps an explanation for what appears to be wanderlust, at least amongst some of the Shumate/LaChaumette descendents. Ya see, Jean Baptiste, was a Huguenot, and Huguenots were in and […]


Descended from a clan, who were from the land, of origin Of the troubadour The lands of Catalan Of of Piedmont of Provence of the entire south of France Land of the Grail Land of the bard of Sephardic jews and heresy Cathar Home of the Pirate and the barbary corsair of the dashing swashbuckler […]