La Vida Schmatte, Don Juan DeLa Schmatte!

Came across this term, Shmatte, it is a hebrew slang, for poor, I think though I don’t know it’s entire etymology. I found it being used as a perjorative, and admittedly in jest with, the names De La Chaumette and Don Juan, i.e. Don Juan De LaShmatte, .. Don Juan In Rags…… Couldn’t help but […]

Genealogy Breakthru? Shumate, or De La Chaumette?

Had some possible breakthrus last couple of days. I have had a Shumate/DeLaChaumette match on my Y-line for a while now. But just the one, and he had a story of a name change, from Shumate to Lee. Given the story of a possible name change, and given it was only one match with that […]