Roman Republic, 78 BCE. Was This The Time Period, The Empire, My Dela Chaumette Ancestor Came to? #BecomingDelaChaumette #Gaul #RomanGaul #genealogy #Numidia #DNA

As this what the Roman Empire looked like when my ancestor came into France? Gaul? or Spain maybe? Was he part of the former Numidian Empire? Perhaps the Mauritanian province of Rome? Is this the way things looked, as he went in service to Rome, perhaps to aid in the subjugation or administration of Gaul? […]

German Milk Noodle Soup Recipes, Sweeter Version Than Grammas Milk Noodle Soup Of My Childhood. Perhaps Hers Is More Polish?

Got to thinking about recipes, family lore and traditions, and how they can inform genealogy investigations…. Having had some epiphanies recently, thanx to dna origins suddenly explaining why my ‘German’ Gramma’s recipes and traditional foods didn’t seem like the other kids german foods… Swiss names and traditions for foods, and Swiss DNA from the Italian […]

The Massylii or Maesulians Massylians. My ancient tribal roots #genealogy #patriarchalline #roots #familytreedna #MyAfricanRoots #HotDamnImAPrince

Dna indicates that an ancient King/Chieftain of the Massylii, who with Rome’s help established the united Numidian Kingdom across North Africa, is the cause of a Y-dna founder effect for the country of Morocco. This same Y-dna founder effect is present in my y-dna, having come from the Morocco/North Africa as well. This means, from […]

My Swiss Family Roots On My Mom’s Maternal Side, 1550-1800,less German, More Mediterranean… #Genealogy #Roots #SwissThis #Ritiei #Tribe

So looks as if my de La Chaumettes weren’t the only ones to travel across Switzerland. Nope, turns out what I had been raised believing was Ukraniane German, my Mom’s Maternal line, would have been more accurately called Ukrainian Swiss…. and, I know, some would say, Swiss, German, whatever…. but if you look at the […]