My 7th Great Grandfather, Jean Baptiste DeLaChaumette, The Emigre, The Traveler… Seriously, This Guy Couldn’t Sit Still! Becoming LaChaumette, A Journal

I have been thinking about my 7th great grandfather, Jean Baptiste DeLaChaumette, who was born, in France, about 1664. I have been thinking about him, as perhaps an explanation for what appears to be wanderlust, at least amongst some of the Shumate/LaChaumette descendents. Ya see, Jean Baptiste, was a Huguenot, and Huguenots were in and […]

Genealogy Breakthru? Shumate, or De La Chaumette?

Had some possible breakthrus last couple of days. I have had a Shumate/DeLaChaumette match on my Y-line for a while now. But just the one, and he had a story of a name change, from Shumate to Lee. Given the story of a possible name change, and given it was only one match with that […]