Mommy was a meany Sister was mad Stomping, wailing Mad And then Sister broke out with a made up new word kinda mojo with… Meaniot Meany and idiot Meaniot She has only just turned 3 Heaven Help Us! #dadlife

Singing Instead Of Screaming

Been trying out a new thing on the kids, trying to curb my yelling and screaming. With 3 under 8, it can be a trial. I have started singing at them. Not to them at them, and I mean that operatically. I literally go into that deep, foreboding,”Avi come here!”… Like Pavarroti calling his kids […]

Honey Lumpkin

This little ham here Got the world Nay the stars Wired for sound And ready to go Bunnies stuffed in a pumpkin Little funny Honey lumpkin Got a look For your comment And a comment Fir your look Silly looks And funny faces This little imp Is writing a book