Those Eyes, Those Windows

The ghost The features A spectre From the past Eyes Those windows Windows to The soul Travel Through generations Through time The windows The souls The generations The voices The wails The wails The wails The misery The heartache The fatigue In those eyes Generations Millenia Of secrets Eons of atrocities Loss, and loss And […]

Shit Or Get Out Of The Pot

there are times when everything is shit. If you let those times define you It will always be shit It will become the state of being So Either BE the shit that is thrust upon you OR Sprout roots and grow From the nutrients, the lessons The hardships. Nourish a plant resilient enough To survive […]

I am done..

I run, run, run I ran, ran, ran I jump high I jump low I tumble down I slip and fall I hit the ground I hit the wall I go, go, go I fly, fly fly I spin, and spin And spin again And then…. I am done.

Aeshna Helps Too Hard Sometimes…

My 2 year old daughter, Aeshna Jaxx, really does want to be a little helper. Sometimes though, she gets a little carried away. The other day, she was helping, taking some dishes out of her brothers room into the kitchen. She was having a really good time, each time she found some flatware, or a […]

The Real Costs Of War

The real costs of war. Not the bombs, not the missiles. Not even, not really, the soldiers from foreign lands. Those are all costly, to be sure, but not the real cost, no. That real cost is the ordinary people, the everyday, average, humble lives destroyed. Those farms, pastures and businesses bombed and bulldozed and […]