Aeshna Helps Too Hard Sometimes…

My 2 year old daughter, Aeshna Jaxx, really does want to be a little helper. Sometimes though, she gets a little carried away. The other day, she was helping, taking some dishes out of her brothers room into the kitchen. She was having a really good time, each time she found some flatware, or a […]

The Real Costs Of War

The real costs of war. Not the bombs, not the missiles. Not even, not really, the soldiers from foreign lands. Those are all costly, to be sure, but not the real cost, no. That real cost is the ordinary people, the everyday, average, humble lives destroyed. Those farms, pastures and businesses bombed and bulldozed and […]


POWER Evil — No!! Me –I,I,I!! I want I take I become evil Concentrate on self Power, power Power, power Now! Now! Now! tomorrow — tomorrow There is no yesterday No yesterday Power! power Control myself To control others Intense control Flashy Sharp and impressive Intensely erratic Erratic Much, much more Thoroughly corrupt Anything for […]

The Decay

The Decay comes A steady, insistent force Turns and transforms The worn and withered To the blocks The building materials  The soil, the moisture For the next gig The next incarnation Of a less than random But no where near Planned Existence. AHMR 9.21.17


STOP THE ABUSE Work all day Or all night Barely getting by No relief in sight Dead end jobs No stimulation No time for release Can’t afford a vacation Sarcasm and fatalism Plague the workplace welcome to the Check to check rat race No time for family No time for friends Too broke and exhausted […]