Flash Thru

Crack in The darkness That light In the dark Burning Yearning Clawing thru To defy The dark And dispell The doom A hopeless Task Never to succeed In bring ing Light Returning sight No Never to be More than A nightlight A hope Nothing more Futile Incessant Hope With no promise Just eternal darkness Dimly […]

The Fight Of Light

The light Stubbornly Holds firm Shines bright Perhaps Even brighter Before its oscura The clouds Seeming to Light up With the Defiant Light of The night As if Thr moon Means To Leave a Mark on its Tormentor To tell It I will Be back And you aint seen Shit yet Like the scrappy fighter […]

Sky Alight

Sky alight Cold Desert winter night Red on white On stone On light the space between Day and night With day Slipping away But not Without a fight No a Bleeding An agonizing Slow motion Slip down The color palette To dark to night

The Light Streaking

The light The light Streaking Seeking It’s tendrils Insistently stretch Seeking The dark And all that Hides within Stripping away The comfort The softening The blurring Of the edges That shadows provide The small And insignificant Un noticeable In the dark Imperfection Is laid bare Exposed Magnified even Driving to oblivion The comfort Of the […]


FEARS DECEPTION Can you feel it? It’s getting near Can you see it? Taste the fear? Your hackles rise You break into a sweat you imagine fingers Around your neck The air becomes thick It’s hard to breathe Your feet won’t move Yet you want to leave You want to run Want to hide But […]