Many Faces Of Milagro

This kid is my king moon mugger My funny face, monkey man yet my sensitive Insightful gentle little soulYet twisted, quirky funny, at all times the crack up, the cut up the entertainer, the dancer The face of conscience And of mirth, quietly observing, then wryly observing Then serving, with the funny.


PREJUDICE A person’s mind Not thin or fat That is important That’s where it is at Hair and skin Language and accent Should they determine Ascent and descent? Style of clothes Musical tastes Shouldn’t doom you To failure and waste Color and creed It doesn’t make sense Can’t see past that? You must be dense […]

Caveman, King, Twitterling

In his castle Oh So srrong Or sitting, lone in his cave He simmers Where the lunatic may rant and rave Like a Fat Orange Fritter That can’t seem to get off twitter Oh why, Oh Why Must Despots Be this way? …. Lest we not recognize them for what they are….