Ninja Turtle Avi

kids were playing… hell, I am not sure what they were playing, I just know there was alot of running, alot of squealing, and disguises. I got them to stop long enough to snap a picture or three.

Jusst gonna Leave This here…

#keepportlandweird #trikeracingAnother crazy night, can’t even remember what bar this was. We were doing a private party, at this bar in North Portland, I think…. Cool place… but only put on races there once…. This was a girl, who was already in some sort of space age costume, that was drunk enough to race trikes, […]


FACADES Close the door Hide inside Hurt no ore Suffer by pride Smash and thrash Break it But pain, no Fake it Be vicious Be mean But never again Will pain be seen Laughter and smiles Hide pain with pride Hope it never explodes From keeping it inside Drunk and rude Breaking things Treating other […]