Do Any Of My Friends Wanna Up An’ Move To Lovely Locana? Italy, Anyone? #LocanaItaly #MoveToItaly #LOrcoBuono

Locana in northern Italy, just 45km from the city of Turin, is offering people up to €9,000 to become permanent residents and help reinvigorate the community. The only stipulations are that new inhabitants have a child, a salary of at least €6,000 and be committed to staying in the area. The relocation money is paid in […]

Six Months Of Packing

Though our eventual destination isnt set in stone as of yet,The place we are leaving is. No doubt about it, we are leaving Mammoth, Arizona. Though early on, Mexico was looking to be our destination, and still could be,tobefair, Finances seem to be dictating that we stay Stateside. Hell, we aren’t even sure if we […]