Revealed, the brutal El Chapo-linked female crime lord ‘behind murderous drug war in Mexico’s tourist hotspot Cancun’

Sooo, probably a good reason we didn’t have Cancun on the short list… or the long one for thart matter. We really hadn’t put them on the list anyway…… Our earliest discussions really were aiming towards smaller locations. Though we have adjusted our parameters, to include some larger, more touristy places, Cancun hadn’t been put […]

UK fascists modelled on jihadis are prepared to kill, say campaigners | World news | The Guardian

What was that Cyndi Lauper song? ‘True Colors”, shining through.. Here is yer sign. Jack Booted Fascists are back, and this time they seem to be in fashion in some circles. If this is what you can see in plain sight, imagine what lurks in the shadows….