My Paternal Line, from Francois De La Chaumette, born 1500, to Me. Yup, Furry , Unkempt, Ornery Ol’ Me. #DeLaChaumetteGenealogy #becominglachaumette

It took 40 yrs of searching, but the mystery was solved last summer, of the paternal line of my father… not only did I learn the name of my paternal grandfather, and by Western standards, that of my family name, but a lineage back to 1500, just like that. My descent goes, 1, 2, 3, […]

Welcome to My Nephew Logan…

today I learned, through DNA testing that it is official. My brother Ben Madden, has a 5 year old son named Logan. He is back in Eugene, Oregon, where we are from. Pretty happy to finally know for sure. This wasn’t the first claimed child of my brother, it was the third. Just the first […]

Genealogy Breakthru? Shumate, or De La Chaumette?

Had some possible breakthrus last couple of days. I have had a Shumate/DeLaChaumette match on my Y-line for a while now. But just the one, and he had a story of a name change, from Shumate to Lee. Given the story of a possible name change, and given it was only one match with that […]