Ghost Train Ore Bane

Ghost Train rolls Dark of night Clatter and jack Piston and wheel Rolling on oak And Rails of steel No cargo On board Not a soul Ar the stick Not a voice Just a moan And a chatter The rain doesnt mind The weather Doesnt matter This train Rolls And clatters the state Bridge in […]

Trestled Memory

creaks and groans, shudders and shakes But there are no worries These timbers have what it takes They flex a little, maybe some bending but no break, No Its the ore laden, rolling trains All broken and forgotten That failed That declined And decayed But the trestle remains Alone in the desert, red light cold […]

Mallard Air #goducks

Well, looks like me and the kids will be shut out of watching the Ducks Bears game , so shut out, of the white out.. sigh.. hopefully by next season, we will be living back in Oregon Country. We will have to do with updates on the old phone, and maybe some halftime and highlight […]