Woke Up To This! Bloody Fucking Eye!

Had a pretty bad, behind the eye headache yesterday, all day. Felt like how I imagine it felt to have an icepick lobotomy… Went to bed, and this morning, it wasnt any better. I put an icepack on it around 7 am… but it wasnt til about 9 that my wife and I locked eyes […]


————————————- DON’T WASTE IT Terror and pain But also knowledge Come to those Who look and delve See through the rain Ignorance is bliss But bliss Is boring Safety is easy But what will you miss? It’ll pass you by Right in front of you With lightning quickness It can be obvious It doesn’t need […]


Wow!! Down to 265 again, after hitting a high of 295. Started to address some underlying problems back on May 1st or so, so 30 lbs lost since then. I was suffering from a cascading effect. Multiple issues, exacerbating each other and causing new issues.  Plantar Fascitis, which has caused me to have spurs on […]


SOULS DESCENT Abysmal, deep You fall You slip But nonetheless Into the keep Blackness and light All is a blur Pelted with warm rain Off you go Into the silver night Sleep then awaken Oh God! Still down deep When will it end? Or has my soul been taken? Swirling away in pity In a […]