The Massylii or Maesulians Massylians. My ancient tribal roots #genealogy #patriarchalline #roots #familytreedna #MyAfricanRoots #HotDamnImAPrince

Dna indicates that an ancient King/Chieftain of the Massylii, who with Rome’s help established the united Numidian Kingdom across North Africa, is the cause of a Y-dna founder effect for the country of Morocco. This same Y-dna founder effect is present in my y-dna, having come from the Morocco/North Africa as well. This means, from […]

There Are Bondage And Animal Husbandry Roots To Anti Abortion Legislation -#ToppleThePatriarchy #roevswade

Anti abortion laws are nothing more than bondage and patriarchal animal husbandry, visited on women against their will. As such, the legislation of a woman’s reproductive rights is akin to rape, psychological rape. The threat, and intimidation, of rape. The rape of her organs, her uterus. The rape of her entire body, asit changes. 9 […]