To the Tune Of A Screaming Child

That thing lost, unknowingly lost When concentration Train of action Interrupted That thing misplaced Mid return Neither there Nor where It belongs I see it now Setting there Precariously Teetering At eye level Eureka! I now remember setting it down, hurriedly, to the tune of a screaming child.

Snored On The Floored

Somebody was feeling stubborn. Didnt want to clean Her room Adamant About it No I dont want to! Clean your room Or go to bed So stubborn She refused To clean even a little Instead Pouting With her Little head Buried in The blanket On the floor Pout Became Passout And naptime Snored On the […]

Under Shell Of The Tortoise

What mischief In this land Of the ancients Took place here? Indeed What mischiefs, Plural As these rocks, Have seen the sun For ages what creatures What men Took refuge In this tiny Shaded spot For relief from The sun Or protection from enemies, From predators From their own a high refuge From marauders Conquistadors […]

Slaves To The Light

The light The light Ooh Ahh Love the light Wishes it may Wish it might Be seared And slain By the light Tonight Buzz and burn Zig zag and jag A blur A streak A suicidal mite Playing Smorgasbord A suicidal Acolyte For the bats Sparrow hawks And other Eaters of the night Frenetic Energetic […]

Disguised As A Middle Class

The festering fecundity The render asunderty The moral repugnancy And self righteous profanity That is The moral non unanimousity Oh what a pity Burn down your city Yeah baby The nitty gritty The fist in yer mouth For your Moral proclivity Fuck your civility Reserved only to those With caucasiability Yer good ol boy network […]

Thru The Lenses Life Perceived

Grasshopper Captured and On display But who Realky Is on display Is the hopper As intently Studying Or is he just Petrified With fear Praying To some Insect god To save him Or Perhaps Just think What if He knows He knows It is a jar In aj├ír In a jar Watched From afar That […]