Disguised As A Middle Class

The festering fecundity The render asunderty The moral repugnancy And self righteous profanity That is The moral non unanimousity Oh what a pity Burn down your city Yeah baby The nitty gritty The fist in yer mouth For your Moral proclivity Fuck your civility Reserved only to those With caucasiability Yer good ol boy network […]

Thru The Lenses Life Perceived

Grasshopper Captured and On display But who Realky Is on display Is the hopper As intently Studying Or is he just Petrified With fear Praying To some Insect god To save him Or Perhaps Just think What if He knows He knows It is a jar In ajár In a jar Watched From afar That […]

Fear Grows

Can you feel it? It’s getting near Can you see it? Taste the fear? Footsteps Growing nearer With the gaze. Of a searer He is gaining Ever so slowly On this dark road You and he only Your hackles rise You break into a sweat you imagine fingers Around your neck The air becomes thick […]

Through The Pass

Through the pass On the Downhill slide Finally rest a little Picking up speed On the ride The climb Exhausting Though the Crisp air Invigorates These old bones Don’t recuperate Nearly as wuick As they did In the past No We will Pay for the this All next week But this view This air In […]

Beach On Planet Claire

To the beach The view Takes me there To the B-52’s Planet Claire Back to dances And bonfire parties To midnight drives And darkened clubs To quarries And clearcuts To Warehouses And flops To shimmy To shake To robot To break To dancing Without feet To slamming Without fighting To sweaty energy And kinetic fun […]

Where B Cap’n Jack, Episode 5

In the gravel The dirt The mud The scree And cement The flood The channel The creak The wash The sand A liquid highway Yet ephemeral There And then not Raging river Then Dusty trail Channelled Ridged And Canyon landed Stranded In the heat The dust And with An urgency For shade Natural Or man […]