Ever Watching Boogie Bug

This guy’s These eyes Ever watching Though hidden Silent Not too vocal Simply watching Absorbing Taking it in The witness The video The clip The snashot The one That Will Run In down time In fear What clip? In sorrow In suffering Which clip? Will be The nackground music The soundtrack What tunes What visuals […]


Swarming Swallowing The cover The obscured It eats the light Insatiable Swallowing And swirling A slow moving Churning Obliterating Vortex That Squeezes the brightness To dull To grey To dim Then to Nothingness A blackness No starlight No moon No light at all Can navigate The dark Swallows Swallows Swallows Swallows all

The Fight Of Light

The light Stubbornly Holds firm Shines bright Perhaps Even brighter Before its oscura The clouds Seeming to Light up With the Defiant Light of The night As if Thr moon Means To Leave a Mark on its Tormentor To tell It I will Be back And you aint seen Shit yet Like the scrappy fighter […]

In The Shadows

In the shadows where nothing grows in the shadows so nobody knows in the shadows As green as can be in the shadows where no one can see in the shadows of the rolling train in the shadows Out of the rain in the shadows on a moonlit night in the shadows Out of sight […]

Trestled Memory

creaks and groans, shudders and shakes But there are no worries These timbers have what it takes They flex a little, maybe some bending but no break, No Its the ore laden, rolling trains All broken and forgotten That failed That declined And decayed But the trestle remains Alone in the desert, red light cold […]