Monsoon Power Outage Game Night

Power is out, thanx to a wicked Monsoon thunderstorm that decided to camp out right over Mammoth, Az for a few hours. We are still out, though the brunt of the storm has passed. 10:pm, 90 degrees inside the house, sweaty and nasty, with no electricity or air… Storm is over, but sprinkles and lightening […]

Texas Representative Blake Farenthold, facing new sexual harassment probe, announces he won’t seek re-election – Houston Chronicle

Ah yes, The Christian Tea Party Republican, out of Texas, apparently needed staffers to be on ‘Redhead” patrol to keep him out of trouble? He paid 84 grand of tax payer’s money to settle a previous claim? And still doesn’t think he should resign, wants Texans to settle for him not running for re-election. What […]