OPEN YOUR EYES!!! The mouth of the beast Spews forth obscenities Not just verbal But physical blasphemies Bulging muscles Mangled appendages Grotesque figures Released from their cages A foul stench Rises through the air A festering malignancy That lays souls bare Flesh eating beasts Wade through the carnage Enslaving souls On a merciless rampage Their […]

The Genesis Of The Alt Right is…. 

I am starting to see a pattern, a correlation, that might explain the Trumpeltonians. This observation is probably gonna get me in trouble, but hey, that is kinda the story of my life. So here goes.  I think maybe, a good chunk of these  Trump Knuckle draggers, are the descendents of Poor , uneducated whites, […]

“Onward Alt Right Wacko, Marching As…”

Onward Alt Right Wacko, marching as to war,  blindly leading despots, Bashing on the poor. Fighting against their own interest, and digging their own hole. Mindless, knuckledragging lapdogs, will be their willing role. The bosses will tolerate them, use them to settle their scores. Pit them one against the other,  delighting the crowds to a […]