Rillito Runs At Ina…

Or is it ‘the runs’ in the Rillito at Ina…. sorry, couldn’t help myself. That is not sewer water anymore…. It really has been cleaned quite a bit… not bath water maybe, not refreshing or safe to drink… but as clean as any other Arizona River running.. Advertisements

Where B Cap’n Jack, Episode 5

In the gravel The dirt The mud The scree And cement The flood The channel The creak The wash The sand A liquid highway Yet ephemeral There And then not Raging river Then Dusty trail Channelled Ridged And Canyon landed Stranded In the heat The dust And with An urgency For shade Natural Or man […]

San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico Is A Hidden Gem High On Our List Of Possible Emigration Destinations

#SanFelipe #BajaBound San Felipe… a quiet little fishing village, discovered by spring breakers, snowbirds and bikers…. quite the eclectic mix. It is hidden away, on the coast of the Sea of Cortez, South andd West of the Confluence with the Colorado river., so on Baja’s peninsula. Just a couple hours from either Mexicali(North, at the […]


See!! It’s not ALL Darkness and despair….. some of it is downright sappy… enjoy! CONNECTED The feel of the earth The greens and the browns Magnificent colors Not found in towns A snow capped mountain Evergreens and the brush Drink it in slowly Not in a rush The nectar of flowers The trees and their […]


Really starting to hate Southern Arizona… Yes, HATE… Wish we hadn’t left New Mexico. I am tired of Rednecks, and Rednexicans. I am tired of the excessive heat. I miss trees…. Yes, Northern New Mexico and Northern Arizona, for that matter, has trees…. not alot, but they are there. I am tired of the backward […]