Houston’s Sex Robot Brothel, If They Had Only Had One Near Georgetown Prep 35 Years ago!

Too Bad Brett Kavanaugh and his Georgetown Prep Sex Train Krew didn’t have access to one of these 35 years ago! They coulda rented Sunshine here, or one of her ‘Whorority Sisters’ every weekend! All of those women’s lives un-ravaged, and Kavanaugh would already be on the court….. Controversy surrounds ‘robot sex brothel’ set to […]

Need A New Sexxxy

If we as a species Are going to Evolve and progress the weak, the vapid and the beautiful need to be less sexxy… Need to get back To propagation For the betterment Of the species. Not for the advancement Of religious Or nationalistic Agendas. Not for momentary Superficial beauty. We need a new Sexxxy A […]