Beach On Planet Claire

To the beach The view Takes me there To the B-52’s Planet Claire Back to dances And bonfire parties To midnight drives And darkened clubs To quarries And clearcuts To Warehouses And flops To shimmy To shake To robot To break To dancing Without feet To slamming Without fighting To sweaty energy And kinetic fun […]

Sky Biker #skybiker

Sky biker Exotic being Flight in sight Causing both Awe and fright Scary at day Terror at night The sky biker Is more And less Than what is In sight Misunderstanding is The key To deity Ignorance The way to Enlightenment Boldness comes From Enfrightenment The creation And its Creator No more gods Than the […]

Sky Sea Waves Break

Waves and Waves and And sand And sand Not so Not in This land The land And the sand Arent Understand? This land Is no land Is no land To understand Be it here Or there In sight Or thin air Air that Thick As to be Atmospheric Has the waves The curves The bays […]

My Intrepid Traveller, My Boy

That is my Intrepid Traveler Up there In the skyGetting ready For life Watching To see What happens byExcited to explore On the lookout For adventure Bright eyed Bushy tailed Full of wonder Yet still seriousas if to say I know things Wont go to Plan at all And that Is OK In fact That […]