The Toads Are Back In Town!

Yup, first Sonoran Desert Toad, telling us Monsoon Season is upon us. Came out yesterday morning to the dog trying to catch something in the kiddy pool.. turned out to be this lil fat mama, totally digging the spa pool it seems we put out for her. Kidz couldn’t resist swimming with this lil amphibian […]

kissing bug

Wife says this one is called a kissing bug. Told me it is attracted to moisture, and will gravitate toward your mouth while you are sleeping, and leave blisters where it collects moisture around your mouth. The things you learn during Monsoon, working at a Circle K in the Sonoran Desert.

Roundup of Remaining Sonoran Desert Museum Images

Avi peering out of the kids Spelinking area… unbeknownst to him, right next to that free range wildlife previously posted…. Didn’t tell him until later.Avi, looking cool, in spite of a moth fulll of food.Couple more shots of the more educational exhibits for the desert cars.Milo coming out of the spelunking area.Milo getting his mirth […]