Saddleback Ride… #poetography

The ride If you dare Taken from there In that seat That saddle That throne the ride The rumble Seat of your Pants Ride the spine The saddleback The spirit The soul Of the range Of the mountains Themselves Be the giant The creature That tames That saddles And breaks The beast rides it Out […]

Ghost Train Ore Bane

Ghost Train rolls Dark of night Clatter and jack Piston and wheel Rolling on oak And Rails of steel No cargo On board Not a soul Ar the stick Not a voice Just a moan And a chatter The rain doesnt mind The weather Doesnt matter This train Rolls And clatters the state Bridge in […]

Those Eyes, Those Windows

The ghost The features A spectre From the past Eyes Those windows Windows to The soul Travel Through generations Through time The windows The souls The generations The voices The wails The wails The wails The misery The heartache The fatigue In those eyes Generations Millenia Of secrets Eons of atrocities Loss, and loss And […]

Many Faces Of Milagro

This kid is my king moon mugger My funny face, monkey man yet my sensitive Insightful gentle little soulYet twisted, quirky funny, at all times the crack up, the cut up the entertainer, the dancer The face of conscience And of mirth, quietly observing, then wryly observing Then serving, with the funny.