Taste The Rainbow #asthepoleturns

“You know you wanna taste the rainbow baby!” Was the retort of a stripper named Rainbow, after being verbally, and colorfully admonished by her DJ, for her general flakiness… “No dear, no…” chuckled the DJ, “Given the varied and sundry cocks that have ridden that rainbow, i have absolutely no desire to taste it. (As […]

Mental Illness CAN Be Sexxy

As a former strip club dj, i can answer with a resounding yes.?Especially the mental illness part… Strippers are proof that Mental Illness can be sexxy…. Hell, who is to say Love itself isn’t a mental illness? Pretty sure religion is just a nice word for psychosis, or more accurately , group psychosis.

Netanyahu’s son under fire again for strip club banter caught on tape: ‘Bro, my dad got your dad a sweet deal’ – Chicago Tribune

STRIPPERGATE! Oh my, talk about privileged, hypocritical and unapologetic… This family, the apple falls not far from the tree. Both Father and Son treat Israel, and both Israelis and Palestinians, as their own personal fifedom and serfs. Soccer balls to kick around the field, automotons, paid to do their bidding. They are both used to […]