Conifer Cell Tower

Saw this from the highway, and had to drive around to get a closer pic. My ‘Oregon Forest Jedi’ powers are still top notch, this bad boy stuck out like a turd in a punch bowl to me… but I had to drive around and point it out to everybody else.

In The Shadows

In the shadows where nothing grows in the shadows so nobody knows in the shadows As green as can be in the shadows where no one can see in the shadows of the rolling train in the shadows Out of the rain in the shadows on a moonlit night in the shadows Out of sight […]

Tree is Up!

Got the tree, and most of the decorations up Monday afternoon. Kids were impatiently waiting , and ready to get to it Hell, they were ready Thanksgiving afternoon! And i gotta say, i am more than satisfied with the 4 ft tree. Our big tree finally gave up the fhost last Christmas, so we had […]