Knight In Wooden Armor

Micro forest Hidden Right out there In blistering hot Searing Daylight Cowering under What soars above Right there In the distance Obscured by Its savior Its reason For being The reason This Microclimate This environmental anomaly Exists Its shade maker a wind breaker The Flow slower And rapid shaper Artificial But protecting Manmade But natures […]

No Longer Cost Effective

Infrastructure To nowhere Bridge For critters Tax write offs Rotting Drying Kilned in the Sun Abandoned Like the miners Still functional Still valid Still worthy Of the respect Of employment But not Cost effective Anymore the bridge And the miners Left to decay Forlorn Abandoned To a ghost town To be the ghosts That still […]

In The Shadows

In the shadows where nothing grows in the shadows so nobody knows in the shadows As green as can be in the shadows where no one can see in the shadows of the rolling train in the shadows Out of the rain in the shadows on a moonlit night in the shadows Out of sight […]

Trestled Memory

creaks and groans, shudders and shakes But there are no worries These timbers have what it takes They flex a little, maybe some bending but no break, No Its the ore laden, rolling trains All broken and forgotten That failed That declined And decayed But the trestle remains Alone in the desert, red light cold […]