The Massylii or Maesulians Massylians. My ancient tribal roots #genealogy #patriarchalline #roots #familytreedna #MyAfricanRoots #HotDamnImAPrince

Dna indicates that an ancient King/Chieftain of the Massylii, who with Rome’s help established the united Numidian Kingdom across North Africa, is the cause of a Y-dna founder effect for the country of Morocco. This same Y-dna founder effect is present in my y-dna, having come from the Morocco/North Africa as well. This means, from […]

The Theft of the Gods – Pacific Standard….On the trail of looters and crooks who traffic in Hopi ceremonial objects.

For all of our talk of religious freedom, and wars on particular holidays or traditions perhaps, White, Christian America, you should look at the way you have, and continue to, desecrate, denigrate and disrespect the religions and cultural treasures of your Countrymen. Your fellow citizens have a much fuller experience of both cultural appropriation, and […]