Chocolate Windmills… Somebody Send Some To Trump! Hell, EVERYBODY Send Them!#LaketownChocolates #windmillcancer #windmillhater #chocolatewindmill

Given Trumplethinskins irrational hatred of windmills…. I thought maybe the White House should get flooded with these! Cant you see the self loathing, as he darts his chubby, little fingers into the bowl, fisting his face with windmill chocolates, and moaning, like Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet, about how much he hates windmills… err…. I […]

“45 es un titere”

I love it! College kids, still unbuckled from the button up world! God bless the AV crew. Fuck with the Nerds folks, I dare ya…. I love it, they totally trolled him, and made him troll himself. Well played folks, well played Trump Spoke in Front of a Parody Presidential Seal Altered to Mock Him […]